APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White

APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White

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✅ *Fast Cure:* Quickly cures to provide a durable seal.

✅ *Flexible and Durable:* Semi-permanent, flexible, and elastic; won't shrink or crack.

✅ *Mold and Bacteria Resistant:* Contains protectives against mold and bacterial spoilage.

✅ *Strong Bonding:* Adheres even on smooth and shiny surfaces with acetoxy curing.

✅ *Low Odor:* Low chemical smell for a more pleasant application experience.

✅ *Weatherproof:* Safe for outdoor use, waterproof, UV-resistant, and won't yellow over time.

✅ *Easy Application:* Simple to apply and clean up; rain-ready in 24-48 hours.

✅ *Versatile Use:* Ideal for filling sink and shower gaps, sealing window cracks, and more. (Not suitable for mirrors.)


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APEL MG700 Mirror Adhesive 9.8 fl oz White
About this item

The specially formulated MG700 Mirror Adhesive features a solvent-free 100% next-gen MS polymer. It is thixotropic, allowing the glue for the mirror to stay in place with no running or dripping. When you use our adhesive for mirrors, there will be no unnecessary mess to clean up.

Because our mirror glue is free from solvents, it will not discolor the reflective backing of your mirror or the surface the mirror is attached. It won’t chip or peel, and the adhesive for mirrors will not corrode or leave residue.

No need to worry about vibration or impacts causing your mirror to fall from place. Our glue for mirrors offers a strong yet flexible adhesion. The mirror adhesive will be able to flex with the mirror and surrounding area without losing its grip.

Our glazing adhesive for mirrors is free from harmful odors, both during use and after curing. The mirror glue is free from solvents and other irritating chemicals that are harmful to breathe in. The formulation of our liquid mirror adhesive makes it suitable for use in spaces with little ventilation.

Low Odor - When using this glue for the mirror to install mirrors or other glass items, you won’t need to worry about damage. Our mirror adhesive is low VOC, allowing you to use it in enclosed spaces.
Free from Solvents - This adhesive for mirrors is free from solvents that can harm your mirrors and glass surfaces. The mirror glue will quickly cure and bond your mirror to the construction surface without causing damage.
Won’t Shrink Or Crack - Our glazing adhesive for mirrors won’t drip or run. It strongly adheres and quickly cures. Once bonded, the mirror glue won’t lose volume, crack, or flake from the surface.
Great For Most Surfaces - This single component ready-to-use adhesive can be used on most construction materials. The adhesive for mirrors is suitable for use on interior and exterior applications on a variety of surfaces.
Highly Elastic - The mirror glue will not change color, and it will resist vibration and impacts. The glazing adhesive will move and flex while keeping your mirror safely anchored in place. The glue has a strong and durable bonding power.
Paintable: Should you get a little glazing adhesive outside the application area, don’t worry! Once cured, the liquid mirror adhesive can be painted to match the surrounding area.

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