CA Glue and Activators. Shop for Ca Glue Activator Save money. Live better. Finish projects whether you need to fix broken furniture, repair a vase, fixing carpentry, kitchen & bathroom cabinet installations or finish up your hobby projects, our CA glue can help you get the job done. Precise application with the fine spray from the aerosol can of the two part super glue and narrow tip of the glue activator, you can expect a clean and attractive finish from our adhesive. The thick, viscous liquid can even be applied on vertical surfaces. The instant glue stays where you put it and dries clear. A little bit of the instant bond adhesive goes a long way, making it good for your wallet, too! Bonds in Seconds -No more waiting on your project to dry with our instant glue! When you use the instant bond glue with activator, your project will be cured and ready for use in just 5-12 seconds! Without the activator, the cure time increases to 30-45 secs.. Within just seconds you can tick another project off the list!

CA Glue with Activator (8)

AG210 CA Glue with Activator 0.9floz


MITREAPEL AC500 Super CA Glue with Activator 4.5 oz


AG250 CA Glue with Activator 4.5 oz


MITREAPEL AC200 Super CA Glue with Activator 1.7 oz


MITREAPEL AC100 Super CA Glue with Activator 0.9 oz


MITREAPEL AC400 Super CA Glue with Activator 3.5 oz


AG240 CA Glue with Activator 3.5floz


AG220 CA Glue with Activator 1.7 floz