BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz
BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz
BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz
BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz
BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz
BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz
BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz

BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz

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✅ *Perfect Adhesion:* Bonds most common surfaces including wood, MDF, glass, chipboard, ceramic, aluminum, rubber, leather, PVC, metals, and more.

✅ *Professional Quality:* Industrial-grade durability for woodworking, modeling, metal/plastic connections, stone/ceramic repairs, electronics, DIY, and more.

✅ *Medium Viscosity:* 450 cps viscosity ideal for porous parts with a curing time of 20-30 seconds.

✅ *Long Lasting:* Shelf life up to 30 months when stored below 40°F (not in freezer). Bring to room temperature before use.


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BXM2 Medium Viscosity CA Glue Set 2 oz

The BondXtra Super Glue Kit is perfect for home improvement and professional work, both indoors and outdoors. This fast-setting cyanoacrylate adhesive bonds to most common surfaces, including most plastics, MDF, wood, chipboard, ceramics, rubber, leather, glass, PVC, aluminum, and other metals. Featuring a Medium Viscosity with a rating of 450 cps, similar to motor oil. This CA glue is perfect for gluing porous or incompatible parts, thanks to its remarkable gap-filling capability. Achieve versatile applications with a quick curing time of 20-30 seconds.

Its exceptional bond strength ensures a powerful instant grab. However, please avoid using CA glue on polyethylene, polypropylene, and nonstick surfaces.

If you want to use BondXtra Medium Viscosity CA glue with an Activator, it is compatible with our Adhesive Guru Activators.

Suitable for Professional Use - The BondXtra Super Glue Set meets the highest industrial standards, ensuring its suitability for professional applications. Once cured, our CA glue exhibits exceptional durability, making it ideal for industrial-strength projects.

It is particularly well-suited for woodworking, DIY projects, repairs, hardware applications, kitchen cabinets, electrical work, plumbing, metal and plastic connections, carpentry, and more. Additionally, it is a popular choice for simple household tasks, hobbies, modeling, and crafts.

Box Content - 1 Glue bottle (2 oz), 1 empty bottle, 1 cap for the empty bottle, 8 micro-tips, and 1 clog-free stopper. The clog-free stopper prevents clogging, so you keep your work without interruption. Micro-tips are designed for hard-to-reach places.

Long Lasting - BondXtra CA glue has a shelf life of up to 30 months when stored below 40°F (not in the freezer) before and after usage. This ensures that you can effectively use our product for an extended time. Please note that the glue should be brought to room temperature before use.

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