DIY Crafts with Super Glue

by Ahmet Emek on June 20, 2023

Super glue, also known as cyanoacrylate adhesive, is a versatile and strong adhesive that can be used for various DIY craft projects. Its quick-drying and bonding properties make it an ideal choice for creating unique and beautiful crafts. In this article, we will explore several exciting and creative DIY crafts that you can easily make using super glue. So grab your super glue and let's get started!

Super glue

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1. Introduction

Super glue has become a popular adhesive for DIY craft enthusiasts due to its versatility and strength. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, super glue can help you bring your creative ideas to life. It bonds various materials quickly and securely, allowing you to create durable and long-lasting crafts.

2. Materials Required

Before diving into the DIY crafts, let's gather the materials you'll need for these projects:

  • Super glue (cyanoacrylate adhesive)
  • Assorted craft materials (wood, paper, fabric, glass, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Paints and brushes
  • Beads, rhinestones, and other embellishments
  • Keychain rings
  • Photo frames
  • Flower pots
  • Magnets
  • Cardstock or decorative paper
  • Glassware
  • Hair accessories
  • Fashion accessories
  • Christmas ornaments

3. Personalized Keychain

Creating a Customized Keychain

Making your own personalized keychain is a fun and easy project. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Choose a small piece of wood or acrylic in your desired shape.
  2. Decorate the surface with paint or markers.
  3. Add your initials, favorite quote, or design using super glue and small embellishments.
  4. Attach a keychain ring to the top using a jump ring and super glue.

4. Decorative Photo Frames

Designing Decorative Photo Frames

Transform plain photo frames into eye-catching decorative pieces with super glue. Follow these steps:

  1. Take a plain wooden or plastic photo frame.
  2. Paint it in your preferred color or apply patterned washi tape.
  3. Use super glue to attach beads, sequins, or small decorative items around the frame's edges.
  4. Let it dry completely before inserting your favorite photo.

5. Handmade Jewelry

Crafting Handmade Jewelry

Super glue can be a game-changer when it comes to creating beautiful and unique jewelry. Try this project:

  1. Select a pendant base or jewelry findings.
  2. Arrange beads, gemstones, or charms according to your design preference.
  3. Apply a small amount of super glue to secure the elements together.
  4. Attach the pendant to a chain or earring hooks using jump rings.

6. Upcycled Flower Pots

Revamping Flower Pots

Give your plain flower pots a new lease of life with the help of super glue. Follow these steps:

  1. Clean and dry the surface of the flower pot.
  2. Apply a thin layer of super glue to the pot.
  3. Wrap twine, rope, or decorative paper around the pot, securing it with super glue.
  4. Let it dry completely before adding your favorite plants.

7. Customized Magnets

Creating Unique Magnets

Turn ordinary magnets into personalized ones with the use of super glue. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Choose small decorative objects such as buttons, shells, or pebbles.
  2. Apply super glue to the back of the object.
  3. Attach a magnet to the back of the decorative item using super glue.
  4. Allow it to dry thoroughly before using it on your refrigerator or magnetic board.

8. Creative Bookmarks

Crafting Beautiful Bookmarks

Make reading more enjoyable with these handmade bookmarks using super glue:

  1. Cut a strip of cardstock or decorative paper to your desired size.
  2. Decorate the bookmark with drawings, quotes, or stickers.
  3. Attach a tassel, ribbon, or small charm to the top using super glue.

9. Decorative Glassware

Enhancing Glassware

Transform plain glassware into stunning decorative pieces using super glue. Follow these steps:

  1. Clean and dry the glass surface thoroughly.
  2. Apply super glue to attach beads, rhinestones, or mosaic tiles in a desired pattern.
  3. Let it dry completely before using or washing the glassware.

10. DIY Phone Stand

Making a Stylish Phone Stand

Create a practical and stylish phone stand using super glue. Here's how:

  1. Take a small wooden block or any sturdy material.
  2. Decorate it with paint, washi tape, or patterned paper.
  3. Use super glue to attach a small wooden peg or clip to hold the phone securely.

11. Statement Wall Art

Crafting Striking Wall Art

Make a bold statement with unique wall art made with super glue. Try this project:

  1. Select a canvas or wooden panel as your base.
  2. Arrange and glue various materials like buttons, fabric, or paper cutouts onto the surface.
  3. Create a design or pattern that speaks to your artistic vision.
  4. Allow it to dry completely before displaying it on your wall.

12. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Designing Festive Christmas Ornaments

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with homemade ornaments made using super glue:

  1. Choose festive shapes like stars, snowflakes, or bells made of wood or acrylic.
  2. Decorate them with paints, glitter, or small beads using super glue.
  3. Attach a string or ribbon to hang them on the tree.

13. Embellished Hair Accessories

Creating Stunning Hair Accessories

Jazz up your hairstyles with embellished hair accessories made with super glue. Try this project:

  1. Select a hairpin, headband, or hair comb as your base.
  2. Decorate it with beads, flowers, or feathers using super glue.
  3. Allow it to dry completely before wearing it in your hair.

14. Unique Home Décor

Crafting Unique Home Décor Pieces

Make your living space more inviting and personal with these unique home décor ideas using super glue:

  1. Decorate vases, candle holders, or frames with shells, pebbles, or mosaic tiles.
  2. Create a decorative centerpiece using driftwood, artificial flowers, and super glue.
  3. Personalize plain coasters or trinket dishes with paint, fabric, or decoupage.

15. Stylish Fashion Accessories

Designing Fashionable Accessories

Express your style with trendy fashion accessories made using super glue. Try this project:

  1. Create fabric or leather earrings by cutting out shapes and attaching earring hooks with super glue.
  2. Customize plain tote bags with fabric appliques, patches, or studs using super glue.
  3. Design unique brooches or lapel pins by attaching beads, buttons, or charms with super glue.


Super glue opens up a world of possibilities for DIY crafts. Whether you're making personalized keychains, decorative photo frames, or stylish fashion accessories, super glue provides a reliable and strong bond. Let your creativity soar as you explore these crafts and make them your own. Remember to handle super glue with care and allow ample drying time for a successful project.


1. Is super glue safe to use for DIY crafts? Yes, super glue is safe to use for DIY crafts when handled correctly. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and take precautions to avoid contact with skin or eyes.

2. Can I use super glue on different materials? Yes, super glue can bond various materials such as wood, plastic, glass, fabric, and metal. However, it may not be suitable for all surfaces, so it's recommended to test a small area before applying it to the entire project.

3. How long does it take for super glue to dry? Super glue dries quickly, usually within a few minutes. However, for optimal strength, it's best to let it cure for at least 24 hours.

4. Can I remove super glue if I make a mistake? Removing super glue can be challenging, especially from porous surfaces. However, there are specialized adhesive removers available in the market that can help dissolve the bond.

5. Where can I purchase super glue for my DIY crafts? Super glue is widely available in craft stores, hardware stores, and online retailers. Look for reputable brands and choose the appropriate formulation for your project.

With these DIY crafts using super glue, you can unleash your creativity and create unique and personalized items for yourself or as gifts. Enjoy the process of crafting and let your imagination guide you as you explore the endless possibilities with super glue.

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